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What's the difference between a computer science degree and a game programming degree?

What's the difference really? they're both practically the same thing right? they both teach you how to code, they both teach you how to make simple games like Tic-Tac-Toe and stuff, they both teach you the same mathematics, so what's the real difference? any computer science student can develop 3D games, and why is game programming more expensive than CS in colleges?
They don't teach you the same thing at all. Computer science is a very broad term and encompasses lots of fields. Game programming is a very specific field that uses some computer science knowledge.

Game programming is probably more expensive because it's not at a university, but rather taught by places like Devry, which are notorious for charging outrageous amounts of money.

Honestly, if you want to get into game dev just go the CS route and on your free time program games.
In the game development field they only teach you what you need to know in order to make video games, while in the CS field they teach you everything, like, literally everything. And you're wrong 'bout one thing, they don't teach you the same mathematics, a game programmer only learns half of what a computer scientist learns during his course, as for the finance that you mentioned, i've no idea, they're practically the same price but maybe they charge a little extra for games development 'cause not all colleges in the world offers a degree in games development, so maybe it's considered somewhat 'rare'? i really have no idea, anyways, that's my understanding.

- If you want to be a games programmer, then just get a game development degree, however, i think it would be an advantage if you get a CS degree.

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