Chicken chicken chicken

This is somehow even funnier then printing out gross stuff. Sigma and delta in the same equation ... looks like chemistry ... *shudders*. I like how he supposedly did something origional instead of cat facts or the like. I miss wardriving.

Though I didn't understand what that means, I still loved it ;) LOL
I wonder if this guy took an existing paper (or pieces from several different papers) and just replaced all of the words with "chicken", or if the whole thing is his original work.

My favorite part is the one where it's talking about the 95% chicken.

(EDIT: Oh, there's a video here:
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Oh and also the last paragraph which talks about 68, 700 chickens.
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I am so going to send this in as my next maths project
Script Coder wrote:
I am so going to send this in as my next maths project

Probably not, but it would be funny
I guess I should try that too since my maths teacher is also not much kind to me. But I don't have enough school left to try that :(
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