Just got my laptop back..

Well, hello there.

What should I do now? Except for gaming, I've already covered that.

Tried installing vs2013 too, but too lazy to reboot my laptop :D

So, what should I do except for those things I just said?

Also, this site is bloody worthless on my Android phone. Bloody impossible to do anything but just surfing around the topics.
Maybe programming?
Too lazy to restart my laptop atm. So atm, that's not an option. And honestly, I'm too drunk to do any programming that's... well, let's just say I'm too drunk for it.
Well if your drunk, I would recommend practicing your golf swing. remember, laptops make the best golf tee's :D
I think I'll just pass on that.

And just drink like 1 liter of milk and wake up tomorrow and realize, once again, that drinking that much milk will actually make you feel great in the morning.
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