Sum SML/C++ recursion

Hello guys

I have am interesting recursion problem for you. I am interested in an SML solution but feel free to drop a recursive C++ version.

Let's say we have the sum s and I want to generate all the possibilities in which I can write this sum in as the sum of n terms. Let's take an example:

s=4 and n=3 then I want to generate a list that looks like this:

basically s is the sum and n the number of terms I can use to compute the sum.

Please let me know what ideas you have.
I'll see if I can get a program working, and then I'll give some pointers. :)

EDIT: Does it have to be recursive??
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well in SML it can't be but recursive. I suppose in C++ it can also be done in an iterative way. I don't particularly mind.
OK. :D Do you know C++?
It would be rather easy to construct a recursive version, but how efficient does the solution have to be?
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