Make a compiler using c++?

I'm 16 years old and whenever I feel like i'm jobless, i go and make new programs in C++
I have done an arcade (2800 lines) and i'll be giving it away for free soon :)

This time i was thinking of making something like Turbo c++, using Turbo c++(Including a LOT of built in functions, options, saving files etc....) :D

Is it a good idea or a waste of time?
And after i'm done, can it be of some use for me? (Like for admission in colleges or something?)
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making a compiler is a very good idea. im making one right now and it has taught me a lot. while it is totally up to you, i wouldnt start with a c++ compiler. i would start with something to compile Basic or something like that
Or you could what I did, which is where I made up my own language and made a compiler for that. It didn't turn out all that well (VERY slow and inefficient assembly code was generated), but it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from it.

Basically, go ahead! Do it! Just don't be disheartened if/when it doesn't work properly, its all a learning experience...
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