Do you listen to music when coding?

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Do you listen to music? I usually do just because I work better with music. Although this is true, the music must be pretty mellow. Can't be hard rock, something like R&B.

You guys? :D
I just got the Monstercat 015, just to show which kind of music I like.
Just let it load a bit, and enjoy it while it's going to be there.
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i listen to dubstep when i code. all the other time I listen to country
If I'm at a computer, there's music playing. Generally just Pandora, whatever station(s) I feel like listening to at the time. It varies a lot.
A State of Trance / Above & Beyond Group Therapy Sessions are often on, or some other nice trance music.
No, because I don't care for it. I don't like it, nor dislike it. If there is music playing in the background, I don't care. More often than not, I code in complete silence; it's best when everyone's upstairs sleeping and I'm down at 2 AM working on my engine.

If the music is way too loud, then we have a problem.
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I don't listen to any music while coding simply because it disturbs me, I find it disturbing i don't know about the other guys, some people actually feel comfortable coding while listening to a music or even watching videos/movies, it really depends, to me i seek complete silence so i can fully concentrate on what i'm doing ;)
I listen too music while coding.
Anything from a little dub reggae up to some melodic death metal, I almost always listen to music when I code.
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I find a I code faster (and better as in, making less mistakes) without music but enjoy music while coding still. I also listen to groups like MonsterCat, various music off Youtube, have a subscription to Pandora.
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i like to code while listening to trance/chill or r&b, because mostly there is no lyrics and i can still focus while enjoying music.

Above and Beyond TaTW radio or group Therapy and mostly Armin van buuren i am choosing the most.

Outside of coding i like all kind of different music like: metal, classic, hip hop, 80-90 pop/disco, r&b and probably all except Justin B. (whom i wouldn't even know if not for hundred of thousand internet meme about him).
I like music, but usually i don't listen to it while coding ( it somewhat breaks my concentration )

what's wrong w/ Justin B ?
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Usually I cant concentrate but this makes me better!!! the second track (I can see it in your face)

Funny story about this group, now its called pretty lights right, I was gonna put it on at a party and the guy was like "I know pretty lights... nah thas way too chill" and I was thinking...really??

It just occurred to me the hipster never heard of it XD
When i code i generally go for more ambient techno music. I generally listen to aphex twin, wisp, amon tobin, or various video game music
I've got iTunes (kill me right? XD ) with a fair few thousand songs, and I just click on the "Metal, Hard Rock" genius mix while programming.

I spend a lot of time programming and it gets a little boring, the music can help keep me at the computer screen for much longer. Although if there's a TV in the background or something then I can't program with that because it just distracts me.
Just had to post this one, as it's Thanksgiving here in the States.

Good stuff. :O)
I do normally listen to music, but I just tripped on my headphone wire for the nth time and broke the right side speaker. So, after busting my third set of headphones the exact same way as the first two, it's time for m to get wireless headphones.

I usually listen to these while coding:
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I listen to techno, mixed in with Eisbrecher and Rammstein. Also thanks Duoas, totally made my day.
@L B

Most wireless headphones are pretty naff, it's quite difficult finding a frequency to transmit on without interference, you'll just end up picking up terrible radio chat shows or something XD

EDIT: maybe you could get some that operate on the Bluetooth frequencies, that's pretty quiet cos nobody's used it since ever
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