Hey guys and possibly girls. We have made it to the DRC semi-finals in Miami this December. We are one of very few track-D teams to have made it this far. Tomorrow, Monday December 2nd, our team info and photo will be posted on http://www.theroboticschallenge.org

What makes our team stand out is that we are an independent, un-funded team of mostly volunteers and yet we have produced an amazing machine that stands a great chance in this competition.

Our teams website:

and our facebook page:

Our software is almost exclusively written in C/C++. This is the biggest project I have ever worked on and have already learned so much. Not just new libraries, but how a whole complex system interacts.

We will be launching our kickstarter campaign very, very soon.

So please, if you are interested and would like to support us, please spread our teams website link and facebook link around on your social media stuffs. We are trying to raise awareness of our team.
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This looks boss as hell, a good thing I have some money laying around. I'll get my mom to donate something to you once I get the chance. This seriously looks amazing!

Are you using a Raspberry Pi for this?
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Thank you! We are using a fit-pc on board the robot with 64bit Ubuntu.
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Kind of interesting you are using C++, any particular reason why ?
Because it interacts with everything very well (devices), we all know it, most of the drivers and libs we are working with are written in C.
Check us out. DARPA posted the track D teams to the official site. We are team Mojavaton

Well, we did not score any points :( but we did learn a lot and prove that we have the skill and the knowledge to compete against top name-multi million dollar institutions :) So with a little funding I believe we can really kick ass next year.

Check us out in this gizmodo article.

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