Hey new nooby

Hi all, my name is James ad I am new to c++ and the forum. I'm teaching myself c++ now with the aid of "C++ Primer Plus" and a how to manual on ios programs. I am also starting in a computer engineering program at my college next semester.

I have some history with computers and programming and would like to learn to build mobile applications.

Anyway just saying hi.

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Hey guess we have something in common :P Welcome to the forum!

However if this is just to say hi you should move it to the lounge where general discussion happens (click on edit topic above your post).
Cool, thank you James
Welcome, what is your history with programming?
mostly stuff just for fun, when I was younger I learned html, and was pretty good at it. I also bought a Raspberry Pi a year ago and use it for various projects. This, however, will definitely be my most significant delve into computer science so far.
If you want to dev with iOS I'd recommend objective c and not c++
Hi friends my name is Jahangeer Malik. i am new here i recently join this great community this is great forum to get information i read out all the threads on this forum and get pretty knowledge and also shared my knowledge in this forum....
You should have made a new thread instead of reviving then hijacking this one.

Anyway, it's great to have you as a new addition to these forums!
Thanks Lumpkin, I plan to learn objective-c next. I am very interested in computer sciences now and I want to get a broad understanding of programming.
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