Advice to survive a CSCI major

I am currently finishing up my first semester (CSCI-111), at a California State University that has a highly respected CS program. Talking with friends and previous graduates, they have all said how fast my professor has thrown stuff at us this first semester. There are colleges where students are barely learning classes and loops for example in their 3rd semester compared to my course where we started that about half way through the 1st semester. I started with 0 programming experience to where I am now, I am passing only on the account of tutors. Anyways, with me barely keeping afloat in these classes is there any advice out there to help me in any way to understand and learn concepts better? The current language is C++, we just started using vectors.
If you don't like programming then change your major. Otherwise programming should be at least a hobby (if not an obsession), and you should learn plenty by doing it on your own time working personal projects. So I recommend to think of some kind of programming project that excite you and spend the break, or your spare time, working on it; and be ambitious.

Also, I think has a pretty good tutorial for beginners. And there are some really nice people here that are always happy to help if you get stuck with something, or need something explained. Good luck.
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^^Bad advice.

CS is much more than programming, which you'll figure out as you continue. It seems as if CS programs start with programming intensive classes just to weed out people though. If its something you like, program on your free time. Each break (winter and summer) make it a goal to write something. Even if its a small pointless throw away app. If you don't like programming, well don't worry too much about it. There's lots of other fields in CS.
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