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Chromebook For Visual Studio/Code::Blocks

I dont know how the chromebook works. I know it has its only browser OS. I am thinking about getting one but before i get one can you install programs like code::blocks and visual studio on it?
I believe it only supports the Google suite of apps.
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Well if you have Internet I'm sure you can use a online compiler. I don't have a chrome book myself but I believe everything is done online, your better of getting a cheap laptop son be sure that it runs code::blocks then getting the chrome book and having no compiler offline or something.
I'm not 100% sure but I don't think so
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Chrome OS does not support Code::Blocks. It only runs "chrome apps" from the chrome web store, like the browser does. Like CaptainBlastXD said, you can use an online compiler and just save the file and use it on another computer.
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