who's a musician here?

I am. I mainly play drums, but I can play a little guitar and bass, and if I try hard I can fake a keyboard decently. I've played in many bands. I mostly play rock music, I've done punk, metal, reggae, straight rock and roll and everything in between.

Any other musicians? What instrument do you play? Ever been in a band? What kind?
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I am a musician as well. Bass guitar, combo organs, synthesizers (my fav), and acoustic guitar. I'm a math undergrad in college so it only makes sense that I love math-rock and prog, right?

I've done rock, prog, math-rock but I'm in just an indie band right now as a bass player (I need the time to study). Its always great when I get "...Oh ...wow. I hated math" from interviewers. hah

I'm an amateur electronics repairman to, so I can usually fix small issues with bad capacitors or transistors on my organs / synths.
I am a pianist and have been for 12 years. I only play solo and I do a few solo performances a year generally. I've done some piano/music work, such as accompaniment playing (which I found to be awful), music arrangement (much less horrible) and piano teaching. I also have done a one off spot with bands from time to time and have generally hated it. I'm much happier sitting at a piano in the corner improvising and not having to worry about what 2-5 other people are doing...
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I'm a guitarist, I play rhythm guitar in a rock/metal/punk/etc band (been through a few of those)

I say "rock/metal/punk/etc" because we never have a clue what genre we're supposed to be XD We just start playing some riffs and chords and sometimes it turns into a heavy metal song, other times it's an average punk piece.
Me too, i'm guitarist

i almost only play rock, some of my favorites are
Led zeppelin, gun's & roses, scorpions, and many old rock songs

I haven't been in a band sadly because i don't have much time ( because of programming )

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What type of music?

I bang on the piano a little.
@rtd2645 - I play almost entirely classical, mostly from the Romantic era - Chopin mostly, but also some Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven (and hopefully one day when I'm good enough, some Alkan). I play some other pieces by modern composers, my favourites being Alain Lefèvr and Yiruma.

What do you play?
I play Cello, piano, and I used to drum. Back when I drummed I played in a heavy metal band and did 2 shows but the band broke up after that. My cello playing sucks though and I usually just play video game music on piano
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I can play the trumpet.
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Hey I play trumpet too.
Any woodwind people? I play clarinet and piano, and (similar to @Mats) I much prefer the "classical" composers (techincally Baroque, Classical and Romantic), though I play some impressionist stuff too (like Ravel or Debussy).

I am in / have been in a number of bands, including a few concerts bands, an orchestra, a wind ensemble and basically just me and some friends doing random things.
I play Piano.
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i play the ocarina of time (not even kidding. oot was my first love)
I play trumpet but started with a viola... I'm planning on learning alto sax since I have one just sitting here...
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