Where Is Pascal

Is it even used anymore. Im pretty sure that hobbyists still use it, but speaking commercially. Delphi was apparently very popular until embarcadero got it. I cant find any modern documentation for delphi. evrything is still stuck in delphi 7. I dont want to pay $200 dollars for some junky IDE and compiler. Also what is Lazarus, is that a bad delphi i have used it and the ontrols have the same name, but it uses the fpc compiler.
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theres a pascal compiler on source forge. there might be one in the gnu tool chain (or am i thinking of fortran?)
Yes, Delphi/Object Pascal is still widely used in serious, high-end development. Embarcadero's Delphi XSE sells for a lot of money to people who want a high-end development environment to do anything they need it to do.

A good alternative is Free Pascal, which isn't as nicely integrated as Embarcadero's tools, but provides much the same language, plus variations and/or corrections.

If you wish to go the FPC route, google "Lazarus" -- that comes with everything you need, not just the base Object Pascal compiler, but a (cheesy but workable) IDE and the LCL, which you definitely want.

BTW, there do exist Delphi help forums on the internet, but they aren't as common or populated as, say, C and C++ forums. The users of said Pascal forums are typically only professionals working on business problems.

Combined with the fact that Delphi comes with very complete sets of documentation and examples and help...
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Well Pascal is definitely still used at the International Olympiad of Informatics. Also, as far as I understand the situation (which is probably not very far) pascal is only the language used by the delphi GUI -for lack of a better word - thing. So if you are looking to go into that field, then I would say rather learn C++, but if you find Pascal nicer, it would not be useless.
If you want to try Lazarus maybe look at the CodeTyphon version.

It builds in a lot of third party components (like the opengl component) and units and can build the cross compiling versions if you want.

It is a large download and also takes up a lot of harddrive and since it builds everything from source it can take awhile to install.
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