SaveMGO, isn't this illegal? :/

I know that Blizzard and Mojang are saying cracking servers is illegal, but is it still illegal when a group of programmers reverse engineer a PS2 game that had its online servers shutdown in order to play the server again online. I would think this would be legal issues for Sony, Konami, and Kojima Productions.
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Well don't see why it matters if they dropped support for it. Someone is basically keeping their service up for them for free.
I don't think it is, because some company had a lawsuit with Nintendo for releasing a game for the NES without a seal of approval. Nintendo lost because the programmers figured a way around it, and didn't hack it.
It wasn't a seal of approval, companies didn't want to pay the licensing fees or were turned down by Nintendo so they made things that disabled the 10NES chip to allow their games to be played. Some companies made a chip that sent a surge to disable it to make it playable while Atari, under the name Tengen, illegally got the design specs of the 10NES chip and designed one to negate it (in fact they made a full line of games for the NES that used the chip they made. Last major lawsuit, which they did lose, was to Blockbuster (but they are always in trouble) because they were including copyrighted materials (manuals and such) in the game rentals. Nintendo lost trying to stop Blockbuster, but did win in copyright infringement making it impossible for them to include manuals or other copyrighted materials in the rental box.

Though, they had to crack into the game and find out the database information to allow them to play MGO on the PC through an emulator which I believe that, even without support is copyrighted stuff they are tampering with. Though, watching their videos, it appears they are tampering with the DNAS certification to make the game think it is connecting to a legit Sony/Konami server and database in order to play which again I believe is a major no-no in Sony's eyes.

I'm asking because I know the guy that led the team to do it and praying he isn't setting himself up for major backlash from Konami, Sony, or Kojima Productions.
Depends on how he reverse engineered it. IBM's BIOS chip was reverse engineered in such a way that the one building the clone had no direct access to the original chip. I can't remember what they called it, but doing it this way helped sway a law suit against them into their ruling of favor.
It really depends on exactly where they are and what the terms of the EULA are. Generally speaking, though, RE is not a breach of copyright because copyright protects (essentially) bit strings, not the idea behind them. It's what makes ReactOS perfectly legal as long as they maintain their clean-room.
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