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Portable C++ Developing Kit wiv small File size ?

I have some problems wiv my Dev C++ (undefined References to XXX often) and im searchin for something new. But, im developing on several computers so the Developing Kit has to be portable and it has to be of a small size.
Fcourse it has to be open source ;)
WHO does know what i could take?

/Note: of crs i know that devcpp isnt a compiler but maybe it has got some libraries not registered.
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Wow you are still using Bloodshed's Dev-C++? That thing is seven years old. You may want to consider getting a newer IDE with updated features. I know you can update the compiler, but if you just use the default compiler it is also outdated. So I would think about changing to Code::Blocks and then see what errors you get.
Try Orwell's version of DevCpp.

Has a portable version.

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