i5 or i7 question for mac

I was thinking of getting a mac mini but i not sure what would be better for my C++ programming i5 or i7?I was planning to do some crypt programming.I never use a mac mini before so this will be my first.Anyone know what good tools would be good? Iwas looking at Xcode but just want to know what you guy's think:)

It depends if you are getting a dual core i5 or a core i7 I would go for dual core i5 but normally i7 is a next gen and normally faster.
i7 is not next gen, but i7 has usually bigger L2/L3 caches. There are no huge differences in performance between i5 and i7 (typically within 10-20% clock-to-clock), however there are 4-core i7 Mac Minis. So 4-core i7 is a better option than a 2-core i5 obviously.
I was plan to go with the i5 but on the web site look like the i5 faster but when i go look at the i7 is alot faster but cost more.:)
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