iBook g4 in 2014

I have had my iBook G4 1.2 ghz for around 6 months now and I was wondering what I could do to improve my performance on this aging machine. I have monolingual and removed about everything including most 10.5 supporting processor types, g4fancontrol to help improve the life, I disabled dashboard, installed tinker tools and onyx. What else can I do to improve the speed besides maxing the ram? Also what games are recommended for 10.5.8 for powerpc? I already have Warcraft 3 with expansion and diablo 2 with expansion
If you want to play games then you should just sell your mac right now and get a PC.

You can always overclock, however I'm not sure how that works with a mac.
How about installing linux and playing quake ?

I just got an intel pc but I like the older apple products, I currently have my iBook G4, a PowerMac G5, Macintosh 2 si, and an intel pentium 4 pc with windows 8 and I am quite happy with all my computers. I have tried overclocking but then i decided I want longer life than better performance.

@shadow fiend

I am fond with the mac os and want to stick with it. I also heard you can get quake on mac. Linux is my 2nd favorite operating system as a whole but when it comes to mac I prefer it over linux. Might switch my intel pc to a linux distro though
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