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Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science?

I'm graduating with an Associates of Science this June. I'm applying to various 4 year colleges but I'm noticing that certain ones offer a Bachelor of Arts instead of a Bachelor of Science. I am under the impression that graduating with a BS is better than graduating with a BA.

Because this is a decision that will have a major impact on my life, I don't want a choice willy nilly. Will companies hire someone who has a BA in Computer Science?
I think this helps tell the difference between the two:

In regards to computer science I would recommend a BS.
I've never seen a BSc. in Comp-Sci.
I've never seen a BSc. in Comp-Sci

Really? That's kind of the norm...

@OP, I personally would go with BSc, but BA is respectable as well. At my university, the main difference is with the math. The BA has a much laxer math requirement, but you also have to take some foreign languages classes and some I believe some more business classes. Basically, they take out the 30 hour math requirement from the BSc and replace it with other fine arts classes.

The CS coursework should be pretty similar, if not the same. I work with a couple guys who got BA's in computer science, and they're doing just fine.
iHutch105 wrote:
I've never seen a BSc. in Comp-Sci.

Like ResidentBiscuit said, a BS in CS is normal.
Duh. I mean BA.

[I have a BSc.]
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Duh. I mean BA.

That makes much more sense.

@OP If possible do a BSc
Really? BA or BS are normal for almost all of our colleges courses from what I remember when I was looking at them before choosing to do an out-of-state college online. I have a BS from DeVry University in their Game and Simulation Programming program, but honestly I don't think that is much to brag about on my part. I'm glad I have a BS, but I feel like I should have chose a CS program now that it is all said and done. Oh well, no point in worrying about it now.
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