Problems with the account

I have problems with my original account(jasongog). When I logged in I couldn't post an answer or a new topic. What is happening and why?
You have done something wrong or been reported enough that the admin locked your account.
Read the banner at the top.
His recent post don't show any signs of something bad; try contacting Twicker.
You don't contact Twicker directly for everything. There is a link in the banner at the top of his old account to fill out and try to get it lifted. It is better to do that rather than bug Twicker directly with it. If the ban is unwarranted, then it will be lifted, but the chances of it being a mistake is highly unlikely.
I clearly meant that he click the link at the top banner.

If I didn't, I would have provided a link to his email...
It wasn't clear at all. "try contacting <username>" means to send a PM to <username> which at no point implies filling out the administrative contact form.
Well, the user I was talking about is the admin.
I think the reason was a while back jason had a really pointless thread in the lounge. The message was empty or had one symbol I believe.

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