Advice on SATA Cables?

So, I had gotten my parts today on my computer (if you haven't noticed, I have been posting about it for the past week). And my Power Supply, Disc Drive, and HDD are all OEM, so they did not come with cables. Here are the parts:

Disc Drive:

I am going to buy two of these SATA cables for the DD and HDD, and am wondering if they will work:

I am also getting a power cable for my PSU:

So... are those cables adequate for the three parts? I am wondering, because I am going to Best Buy tomorrow. Do I need any other cables?
All internal SATA cables are interchangeable. Same for external power cables, as long as they fit your sockets.
So, my SATAs are good. But... Are there anything else I am missing? It seems like I am forgetting something.
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