Starting an OS from a LiveCD

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I have a computer, which the internal hard disk is broken. Therefore, I thought that I could make an OS start from a LiveCD version. If it works, where is going to be saved the data I am gonna eventually produce ? I have of course to have at least an external hard drive (which of course is the case).

Can I do it? What are the advantages and the disadvantages? What can I do with this kind of accessing to an operating system?

Thank you in advance.
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You could always put the OS on the external hard drive so that way you can put in other cd's.
Usually LiveCDs don't save. They're just there for recovery or testing purposes. There are some Linux distros that run off of USB that do save your data, but it saves it to the flash drive.
Linux Live CDs uses internal RAM memory to run and save the data. No hard drive is required (be it internal or external) , but after reboot all data will be lost.
This is data recovery, you don't just copy the files from a dying drive and hope for the best. This is tricky even under good circumstances.

- Make a Clonezilla boot disk:

- Boot to Clonezilla and image the dying drive to a known good one of equal or greater size.

- Then recover the data from the good drive.

When a HDD is dying you want to spin it up as little as possible.
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From what I've understood clonezilla is a recovery program, but it seems that my computer even doesn't recognize the internal hdd, so I think I can't do nothing with clonezilla unfortunately.
Clonezilla runs off of some *nix distro and also offers a bit-by-bit imaging option (which is the one you want to use in this case). So as long as the systems BIOS can see the hard disks controller it will try to copy the data.

Want to see me start an argument? I have found that putting drives in the freezer for a few hours does help the recovery process often enough to justify the added effort and work time. I even go so far as to set dying drives underneath ice cube trays to keep them cooler as I try to pull data off.
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