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Im a High school student sitting in class doing nothing. I want to write some c++ code but dont have a laptop. Our school computers cant download things and I was wondering if there are any online compilers that work well. I tried two and they cant do cin which is one of my favorite things. Anyone know of a good one?
I use this one:
Aside from ideone those are pretty good:
With ideone you enter your code. Then click the stdin button under the window to bring up an input window. This is a quick sample I did to show it can handle cin (just not like you would on your computer): Screenshot of it before running it What you get after running it

As you can see, you can do input.
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@BHX Specter You can take input on coliru also.
And on Compileonline:
I know, but since I didn't mention them I was simply showing owenkmc that the one I linked did what he wanted with allowing input. is pretty awesome IMO
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There is also which has option to compile with VC++.
Thank you to everyone for this. This makes my boring classes go by much faster. :)
I didnt have time to try and I highly doubt that there is one but do any of these compilers allow input from text files?
compileonline can read from (previously pasted) text files.
I think Coliru can do this too (same method as using multiple cpp, described in faq)
Ok cool thank you best online compiler there is plain and simple ;p. Pretty sure they still have free accounts available.

What makes this stand out is that it gives you your very own VM to play with, so you can save files for later, install libraries if you need them, etc. etc. It also support multiple languages (Including C++) and has amazing support web languages like Javascript, Ruby, Python, HTML, etc.

Worth checking out if you are looking for a online compiler that you will be using frequently.
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