Excited for E3?

I know I am. It'll never happen, but I have some hope that Gabe N will announce Half Life 3 this year. Or at least L4D3. My roommates are all flipping their proverbial s#!t over Zelda U's confirmed announcement.
In a word, no.
I have some hope that Gabe N will announce Half Life 3 this year. Or at least L4D3.
You still do not know that Gabe cannot count to 3?
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In a word, no.


E3 has been disappointing for years now. Just having the trailers posted online would be better than listening to some speaker bullshiting while demoing the game (look how awesome this game looks ; even tho it looked like absolute crap).
Gabe won't be showing up at E3. Like MiiNiPaa said, gabe can't count to three, let alone know what the number is. With that being said, E3 to him is the letter "E" and some weird hieroglyph type symbol.

In all seriousness, myesolar is right. They usually just show a CGI trailer to fool all the idiots (like my brother) into thinking that is how the graphics actually are and say "see, this is our most innovative thing yet to come"
Well.. graphics aren't getting too far from that now adays. Another 10 years and technology will probably possess the ability to process enough data in real-time that I can't tell the difference between a real human and the model generated by the human being processed in real time.
I wouldn't doubt that for a second. But since E3 is *mostly* filled with all the games run by EA and Activision, and most things by them lately is just trailers that look nothing like the game (I am talking about you, CoD Ghosts)
E3 is also a great way to announce a game, build hype, and then delay, delay, delay, delay, postpone, put on hold, and ultimately cancel it. Okay, so Starcraft Ghost wasn't announced at E3 at first, it was announced in 2002, reannounced at E3 2005, delayed repeatedly, put on hold 2006, and sometime after 2008 it was said to be technically canceled.
E3? What that be? *equips a club and proceeds to the cave exit*
Not excited about E3 itself (E3 is really uninteresting these years).
But I feel good news for 2015, about HL3.
I'm just excited for the swarm of video game news. Hopefully get to see some new IP. And of course I'm excited for Halo news.
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