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I'm debating getting a Plex server for storing all my films and media like my Star Wars collection. Problem is, I am located in the US which doesn't allow DRM breaking, meaning I can't rip most of my movies. I could get British movies and rip those or get a ton of DVD readers, yet I'm looking for a different method. Anyone know if it's legal to create a personal copy through screen recording?
Get pirated versions and archive those instead.
My goal is to be legal.
Is there something wrong with just buying a cheap (300 dollar) server and streaming movies off of the DVD? That way you have full control, and you aren't breaking the law (or the bank really).
External dvd readers, 30 for 1. I was hoping just to get a 1tb hard drive instead of paying 3 times as much, just to host my Star Wars collection.

And when your friends come over it has enough power for you guys to play a small lan match in Minecraft or whatever.
I already have the computer. It's the movies and Plex bit I'm having issues with.

EDIT: Thanks for going through the time to pick out that build.
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Anyone know of a legal way of getting digital movie copies that plex can play?
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