Video Game and Engine Coding

Unfortunately, my main programmer has gone on hiatus for personal reasons and I have had a heck of a time finding a programmer to help me out.

What I'm looking for is someone who knows and can demonstrate an advanced understanding and ability to code in C++


I cannot pay any coder that would help me. It would be for the love of the idea of the game as well as the passion and enjoyment of coding.

They would also receive a percentage of profits and a place in any gaming company formed thereafter if they were a reliable, positive influence during the coding of the game and would stay that way while working in the company.

I understand that not being able to pay may relegate the game to a hobby position, worked on in free and spare time. That is acceptable, so long as it is able to make steady, consistent progress toward completion.

For more information regarding what the game is, the current completion of the game or engine, relevant skills, or any other information, just send me an email at or contact me on here. I prefer not leaving important business information where anyone could take an idea or otherwise harm future successes.

Thank you so much for your time if you've read this far, and contact me ASAP if you can help!

- Dresden

[As a footnote, I did not want to put this into the Job Listing category because I cannot pay anyone who may respond to this, so I don't consider it a job. If it needs to be moved, please let me know. - Dresden]
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Could possibly post some videos or images of what you already have accomplished, or even just the art you have if the game isn't in a running state.
Unfortunately I don't have any of the art or videos or images. The art was all hard copy with my previous partner(the programmer who had to go away on personal business) and I can't get it for at least a few days. When I do get it, I will be sure to post it. If you're interested in hearing the concept for the game or seeing the files that exist for it now than feel free to pm. Just so it's known, I'm more so looking for a new partner who will contribute to the games look, design, and features more so than just to put down whats already been decided.
If you want us to PM you, then you should probably turn on your PM's! Also, good to know that we won't be 'grunt workers', and that our input will be appreciated.

I'll wait 'till I know more about the game before I consider joining. At any rate, you should give us the kind of level of skills that we should know, as well as what engine(s) (if any) you have been using to code the game already.
Oh jeez! I hadn't even thought to check if my PM's were on or off! I am so sorry! And the reason so little of the game is presentable is because the engine is custom. None around could support what we needed it to do. I'll PM you the details of the game! As far as what you'll need to do. The technical skill isn't as important here as problem solving. I need someone who will be able to recognize what we already have, see where it needs to go, and be able to bring it there.
shouldn't this be in the jobs section?
As I said in the footnote, I don't consider it a job because I can't pay.
there are jobs that don't pay in the jobs section
Which I feel is a little unhelpful as anyone looking for a job on a forum is probably in need of money.
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