Tired of menial work, I was thinking of starting a company; ever thought of starting your own?

Starting own business so as to not work.

So while washing plates and chopping vegetables at a Carluccio's (genuinely good food, though a little OP) I was thinking that the easiest business to make successfully and to start from little money with just a few weeks pay for a handful of people and insurance would be a cleaning company,this way other people can be the mugs and I can do as little as possible, maybe even eventually almost nothing.

You guys ever thought about this I know I over simplified it but Im really thinking menial work is dumb and I can see how much safer it is to start a business in the UK with EU migrant workers who cant set up business as easy as I could.
devonrevenge wrote:
Starting own business so as to not work.

Starting your own business is more work. You may not be "on the front lines" cleaning, but you will have to worry about other things like who to hire (as not everyone is trustworthy and some of the people could steal from the places they are cleaning), keep track of the accounts, schedule the hours of who works when and at what places to clean, keep track of your books (how much you bring in and spend out for supplies, gas, and bills), and ultimately the final decision comes down to you on everything. Even if you hire a scheduler and accountant you still have to be active in running the business so you know what is going on at all times.
I worked as a delivery driver for a self made company.

The company started as two people basically posting on craigslist that they would make pick up orders from restaurants and then bring them to your house. The reason this is appealing is because you can make pick up orders from fancy restaurants ( imagine getting a $25 steak brought to your house ).

They were able to build up enough reputation that they started a website for listing restaurants. Both sides of the coin are happy, the restaurants are selling more food, and the customer gets to stay home. The kicker is that the two drivers get a cut of the order profit for listing the restaurant on their site.

Now their company has about 20 employees. They list restaurants on the site that don't even need drivers, but they still get a cut from the restaurant for the listing.

They work fucking non-stop on reputation, customer service issues, and general system maintenance.

You can't start a company thinking it's going to be easy.

Well, you're on a c++ board. Figure out ways that you can bring technology into your restaurant. Maybe they use a very old POS. If you can make something for them, then that is the start of your new freelance software company.
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