Scared Beyond Belief

Today in class my teacher announced that our next test will be an "in-class" program which is due at the end of the period and I almost fell out of my seat and fainted. All of our other test in the past have been comprehensive paper based test (and we were allowed to use our notes)! I like C++ but I really think I should have waited before taking this class. I should've dropped it when I had the chance :/
If you pay attention and put in the effort to understand it shouldn't be too difficult to do.
If I had to write it by hand I would fail. I'm the only person on this planet capable of reading my handwriting.
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I have bad handwriting but that's not why I would fail. When I program I have to be able to edit what I'm doing as I go, because I like to change my mind about how to structure things. On paper you can't do that so easily.
Yeah, that's another point.
This is good real life practice. At a real development job, this is how it works. Your boss tells you the task, and then you have about 1-2 hours to do it. No testing, no changes, no refactoring.

/Sarcasm. Tests like these are retarded.
I don't see what the big deal is. It's a programming class. Why should you have anything other than programming on the test?
Written tests in a programming class are ridiculous anyways. Their should be one big semester project that encapsulates most of what you've covered in the class. That should be it.
All of my tests were programs written out in class. It was usually 4 - 6 small programs that loaded something from a file, did something with it, and then saved it to a file. Developing the programs wasn't even the hard part, it was writing them down on paper in an hour and a half. Very little room for error.

The worst part of it was getting half way through a program and realizing you forgot a preprocessor directive or forgot to declare a variable. So now you have to take time you don't have to erase a couple lines and figure out how you're going to mash the forgotten variable in there. It's a little stressful but it's doable.
So now you have to take time you don't have to erase a couple lines and figure out how you're going to mash the forgotten variable in there

Yup. The one class I had that did programs on paper, this was always my issue. And we'd have shitty paper that hardly erases, so it just looked like a mess afterwards. AND I have pretty bad handwriting. I have a hard time reading my own handwriting sometimes.
The Java Computer Science AP Test has you writing Java code by hand for the free response section. Thankfully if you look at the requirements they are very lenient and there are mistakes you can make that they are not allowed to subtract points for.
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