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College advice please (computer programming diploma)

Hello guys, I am planning on going to Seneca college (which is located in Toronto, Canada) and get an advanced diploma in computer programming and analysis http://www.senecacollege.ca/fulltime/CPA.html . Do you think that I'll be able to find a decent career after this? Any advice is strongly appreciated thank you very much.

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It really depends on you, if you're doing it for the money and not because you enjoy it, then you will hate your career. And waste your time studying computer science. You're the only one who can decide for yourself.
I'm also doing a CPA course here in Ontario, and I know of two graduates who got nice comfy government jobs from it and a bunch of grads who keep the jobs they land for work placement. I mean our course lists are a bit different (we still get to learn COBOL, which is better than it sounds :P), but the idea behind the diploma is the same.


cobol... oh the memories. :)

The program looks pretty good to me. The photo of a model pretending to work on a laptop, that doesn't appear to be turned on, seams a little weird.
Well, the course outline is pretty comprehensive. C, C++ and Java are one of the most popular programming languages out there. Keep in mind as you go down this path: "What do I want to program?" Will you be focusing on business applications, web and mobile apps, desktop development, gaming, etc...? This is important, because just knowing programming doesn't help. If you want to build a career on web programming, then not only should you know C#, etc... You'll need to build specific skills that target the discipline you want to focus on.

As a side note, programming on the whole is very interesting. A lot of people just don't know where to go with programming and thus end up with a career they don't find interesting. :)

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