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How long will it take to make a Ebay like

How long will it take to create an Ebay or Amazon like website. Where anybody can sell things or auctions stuff online? Is it really as hard or as complex as some people tells me ,or they are just talking nonsense

Edit:: Ok I understand why people think I wanna create one ,but I don't. I was saying how would someone be able to create a website like this with my type of experience I edited it. Or any type of experience like starting off small like the creator of Amazon to going big.
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Yes, it is actually very complex and difficult to do. Having a little experience is not going to cut it, and honestly if you have to ask that question you're not ready. Plus, it's not just programming that's going to be an issue. You're going to have to account for the legal and logistical issues of payments and shipping and the like.

But, don't let that get you discouraged. Use the challenge as motivation.
@Cheraphy where will the complexity come in? What if its not anything tangible like lets say an template seller where anybody can sell online templates for websites. They exist I don't understand where the complexity comes in. Also, in 2015 I am 100% sure you could just download an auction source code somewhere on the internet; this isn't for me to create btw just a thought, an if I did scenario.
When dealing with electronic payments you are going to need a great deal of security.
You need a lot of time and money, although the more money you have the less time you require.

The most important thing is security. Security is not trivial; no one is going to trust you with their personal and sensitive information unless they know you can be trusted. I highly doubt you can write a sufficiently secure system alone, especially with your inexperience, so you'll have to pay someone to do it for you. I suspect this is going to cost you most of the money. Oh, and if you mess up here, not only can you lose all your money, but you can lose all your trust from your customers.

You need to purchase a large quantity of server hardware to run this service, and you also need to pay for someone to put it all together.

You also have to have a lot of knowledge on handling a large number of financial transactions quickly and efficiently, which also is not trivial. Efficient code means reduced power costs and less bandwidth, which will save you a considerable amount. Skimp on this and you'll be paying quite a bit more for upkeep costs.

You also need to market your service. What exactly makes this any better than Ebay? Why would anyone want to pass aside Ebay such a young and immature product written by some random dude in his basement?

I'd say that doing something like that is at the same complexity of writing a full scale MMO.

Sorry, but realistically it's probably not going to happen.
I am 100% sure you could just download an auction source code somewhere on the internet

I'm 99% sure you'd be wrong :P
Like I said this isn't for me at all, it's just a question. So websites like Steam uses a systems like this? I didn't know that this was so complex to do so. Well its good to learning something new everyday but would you be able to start small. Like I said im just curious I don't wanna make one, im just curious about how one will work.
@Cheraphy I found some www.rainworx.com . Like in such a big place like the internet that 1% came through :P
When you said 'just download the source code' I assumed open source, which that is not.
Steve Yegge once said that Amazon has over a hundred million lines of code:


Go figure.
In addition to security, you have to handle reliability and scalability. If one of your servers crashes, the customer needs to not even notice. If you do an upgrade they need to not notice. If you need to add servers how will that work? If the data center gets hit by a hurricane how will your continue operating?

I have a saying that you should consider here:

"Building a bridge that will stand up is easy. The trick is building one that won't fall down."
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