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Need a programming partner-US east coast

Hello all,
I am an inexperienced programmer, I just learned everything from the books, and haven't really done any real projects. My area is actually finance and accounting. I learned all the languages on my own. Such as C++, HTML5, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript etc.
Right now, I want to find someone who is in the similar position or ahead of me to do some project together, we can learn together or build something together. I have plenty of ideas. So if you are located on the east coast and interested, let's talk.

Thank you.

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I could use a programming partner too. right now I'm working on a project where a user inputs any English word and my program is suppose to output its definition. the program is suppose to use hash function.

I've spent a few days just trying to divide the English dictionary into around 600 smaller sub-dictionaries.
I'm also interested in that. Inbox me. I am an advanced-intermediate C++/C programmer. We can talk via Skype.
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