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I don't know if you realize how much you're damaging your own image every time you speak.

Even high level people commit crimes
But "low level people" are still just shit, right?

all the homeless people i see in my city are either well bodied youth, old people who were well bodied youth, or children produced by homeless people
I don't see what that has to do with anything.

sometimes their arms and legs are chopped off so they can get more money from people
Is this something you know for a fact, or just an assumption you're making? Personally, if my boss came up to me tomorrow and told me he's going to triple my paycheck if I get one of my legs amputated, I would not do it. I find it difficult to believe that Indian homeless people are so eager to get rid of their limbs.

i f i get homeless my producing children will negatively impact me and the society
Of course, poor people have many children because they want to. Not because they're uneducated and have limited access to contraceptives. They're just shit people who enjoy living in squalor.

True that there are exceptions where a child from humble beginnings becomes an asset
Are you sociopathic? Do you view people as nothing more than resources to be used by society?

the damage caused by other homeless
What are you even talking about? What damage do homeless people cause? Environmental? What?
Yes there is still a caste system in India much supported by the government.The government wants to remove caste system by giving benefits on the basis of caste system

I suspect that our fascist friend @suyashing234 is merely trolling.
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