openSUSE: Connecting via RDP?

So, I have never really got on with Linux as a desktop OS. Used it on servers and small SBCs like Raspberry Pi.

I have a spare PC and am thinking of setting up openSUSE but need it to be headless and allow access via Windows remote desktop connection. I know it's possible on SUSE SLE, is it possible on openSUSE? If so, can you point me to setup instructions?
Does it have to be RDP, or is VNC good enough?
At home to manage the VMs running on my NAS I use tightvncserver and start it with
tightvncserver -geometry 1920x1080 -depth 24 :1
This creates a desktop that's only accessible by VNC through port 5901. A user can still plug in a keyboard and monitor to log in locally and startx, independently of the VNC session.
Does it have to be RDP

Preferably...I want to keep things under one app.

Has VNC got better? I found it a bit glitchy* last time I used it at work. I'll consider it...not totally sold on Linux desktop yet, so it might not happen.

*as in not smooth operation.
It works well enough if you're in the local network, IMO. One issue I've had, though, is that the VirtualBox manager (but not the VMs) completely screws up the keyboard layout over VNC. As in, total nonsense: G becomes 5, H becomes semicolon, J becomes right arrow, etc. Apparently it happens with any Qt5 application and tightvncserver.
Keyboard issues is something I'm used to. One of the RDP Clients I use is on a MacBook and I had to do a bit of fiddling to get it working how I wanted.

I was thinking of taking a look at Qt again...last time I used it it was still owned by Trolltech.
There is xrdp...hopefully that will work.
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