From early 21st centry to now, how much minimal have things become?


Our tech devices are incredible items, having become smaller and simpler drastically over the years, I myself sadly wasn't really able to witness the pinnacle of this movement, but speaking in the context of softwares we use to code, have the how much simpler have interfaces become over the years, how simplified have things become too? A simple estimate on how much buttons would be on a IDE main interface than and now would be enough.
A simple estimate on how much buttons would be on a IDE main interface than and now would be enough.
Hmmm...IDE...back in the day...used to be 'lucky' to have a GUI..
I would argue that it is the other way around. Devices these days are so complex that a lot of thought and effort is put into making their interfaces as simple as possible.

But it fails. Spectacularly.

For example, get any iPhone lover and give them a Galaxy for a day. Ask them to please return it back without first smashing it against something unyielding, like the walls or floor.

But the basic functions of the phones are nearly identical. Send and receive phone calls, text messages. Act like a camera. Keep the time, alarm clock. Manage a calendar. Browse the web. Visit youtube and facebook, check my bank account, get a map to the nearest Walmart. Get apps to do it better.

Hmm... I’m already overwhelmed with the list of things people regularly do on a phone.

Pick any technology, and it gets more complex. Cars. Buttons on the dash for A/C, power windows, radio/cassette/CD/DVD/Blu-ray/whatever, on and on. Ever take a car dash apart? Tons of wire and circuit boards and fuses and ducting and airbags and everything — it’s frankly a wonder that it all fits underneath so nicely.

I like a simple analog wristwatch. Took me several months to find one that wasn’t ugly and overloaded with functions to do stuff other than simply display the time. (My old beautiful wristwatch finally kicked the bucket.)

(Though, honestly, the coolest wristwatch I ever owned could detach from the strap and turn into a little robot, AND had a simple video game.

It’s just a matter of what you are used to.
Your take on this in indefinately true, it's a shame really, It doesn't look like it'll be easier to distribute cross platform games with the simple click of a button, rather than having to download extra stuff
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MS has made Visual Studio have the capability for easily (relatively speaking) target cross-platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) with a common code base. C++, JavaScript or .NET/Xamarin.

As well as supporting containers so an app can use whatever OS it wants without caring what the host OS is.

Visual Studio can even develop Linux apps on a Windows machine.

If you install the package(s) that do the work.
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