Good project ideas for a beginner

I have been doing C and C++ as a hobby for a while now, but I am rubbish at thinking up ideas.(or anything for that matter) I know the language but to get any better I need some experience of actually making a program. I thought about making a game, but I decided to do something less complex. Any ideas? Thanks!
Number guessing game is easy. Uhh black jack lol, i recommend that to everyone. I started my blackjack program about a month ago and I'm still adding on to it and making it better. I made a monopoly simulator that simulates the first roll of monopoly and records how many times you've landed on each square. If I think of anything else I'll post again.
I'm a bit more advanced than a number guessing game ;) Blackjack program sounds like a good idea, I'd like to make something useful(or at least fun) but still learn. I could make it a GUI program maybe, learn about GTK+ or QT(I use Linux)
Project Idea: Sudoku Solver
I think I've settled on a good beginning project for now - graphical tic-tac-toe. It'll let me learn about GUI toolkits and I'll have to make a simple AI at the same time while still being somewhat fun to play. I'll keep the suduko solver as an idea though it sounds like a huge challenge!
I'll keep the suduko solver as an idea though it sounds like a huge challenge!

It can be done in a couple of hundred lines of code (for a basic solver) but does give you the opportunity to develop it over time; adding a GUI, implementing different solving strategies, adding 'generating functionality...

Tic-Tac-Toe is also a good one... (hope you don't mind, I have created a post for it)
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