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Tell me your name, gender, date of birth, country of birth, country of residence, religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs, hobbies, interests, skills, and anything else you want to mention.

Name: Chris
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1994-05-24
Country of Birth: England (UK)
Country of Residence: England (UK)
Religious beliefs: Agnostic/Athiest
Philosophical beliefs: Eternalism, Existential Nihilism, Compatibilism, Secular Humanism
Hobbies: Programming (obviously), reading, thinking
Interests: Computer Science, Physics, Biology, Philosophy
Skills: Programming (C++, C, Python, Assembly), reading
Other: Can't think of anything else.

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Name: Ties (It's pronounced like: Tees, or even, Tease)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 19-08-1994 (DD-MM-YYYY)
Country of Birth: Netherlands (NL)
Country of Residence: Netherlands (NL)
Religious beliefs: Atheist
Philosophical beliefs: Conceptualism, Skeptisicism and a bunch of other which I refuse to search the names of due to my laziness
Hobbies: Programming, Sports (Tae-Kwon-Do and related sports, I particularly like weapon practice: nunchaku, tonfa, shinai, bo, escrima), finally I really enjoy parties :D
Interests: Maths, Computer Science, Logic, Design
Skills: Programming (C++, C#, C, Python, Squirrel, Basic (although it's a horrid language), Befunge (:D), Java, Lua .. that's about it.), can bite my toenails.
Other: I like cookies.

That's about it.
Country of Birth: U.S.A. (Massachusetts)
Country of Residence: U.S.A. (California)
Religious Beliefs: Agnostic/Atheist
Philosophical Beliefs: Externalism, Moral Nihilism, Metaphysical Nihilism, others exist.
Hobbies: Programming, thinking, pondering, contemplating, calculating, etc, exploring others' minds, manipulating my perceived environment.
Interests: Psychology, Philosophy, Mathematics (all forms), Acting, Computer Science. Others exist.
Skills: Programming (in order of programming ability) (POOL [Own language, compiler incomplete], C/C++, Java, Ruby, Assembly [GAS, NASM, FASM, Java bytecode]), traversing any mind, manipulating any mind, construction, others exist.
Other: Ask me.

I choose to withhold my name, gender, and date of birth. I need to know I can trust whoever knows because due to the nature of that information it is fairly intimate and it might drastically change images of me. I'm not yet fully sure how.

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Name: J. Smith
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1974
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Hobbies: Sudoku, Kakuro, Crosswords, Board Games, Card Games, Piano/Keyboard, Photography
Other: Love chocolate.
Name: Alex Evans
Gender: Male
Date Of birth: April 20, 1992
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Religious belief: Agnostic
Philosophical belief: Combination of many compiled into my own.
It's very interesting to see what information different people omit.
Name: Filipe
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1981
Country of Birth: Brazil
Country of Residence: Brazil
Religious beliefs: buddhism/science
Philosophical beliefs: individualism, classical liberalism
Hobbies: programming, computer games, electric/acoustic guitar, movies
Interests: computer science, history, football ("soccer"), philosophy
Name: <omitted>
Gender: <omitted>
Date of Birth: <omitted>
Country of Birth: <omitted>
Country of Residence: <omitted>
Religious beliefs: <omitted>
Philosophical beliefs: <omitted>
Hobbies: <omitted>
Interests: <omitted>
Skills: <omitted>
Other: <omitted>

Reason for having omitted all the data:
I wrote:
Skills: ...., can bite my toenails.
chrisname wrote:
It's very interesting to see what information different people omit.

I thought so myself, too. :P
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Why? :(
I can also bite my toenails. I assumed most people could.
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chrisname wrote:
Why? :(

I presume:
Bazzy wrote:
Reason for having omitted all the data:
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It was a joke related to
It's very interesting to see what information different people omit.

Name: Mattia
Gender: Male
Country: Italy
Hobbies: Programming, Photography, Collecting rocks
Interests: Science
Name: Joe
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: April 18th, 1974
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Religious beliefs: Athiest
Philosophical beliefs: None
Hobbies: Video Games, cars, white water rafting, kayaking, canoing, camping, sky diving, Go, Chess, Texas Hold'em, astronomy, robotics, IDPA, hunting, mountain biking.
tell me your addresses and phone numbers please xD...
Don't forget credit card & social security/national insurance numbers. Those are important.
Name: I can tell you but you won't pronounce it correctly anyway
Gender: Male
Country of birth: Lithuania
Country of residence: Lithuania
Philosophical beliefs: None
Hobbies: programming (C/C++ and asm) , computer games, basketball, chatting with friends, swimming
Other: I can speak in 4 languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English, and Polish (actually I started forgetting Polish language)
Anything else you want to know?

tell me your addresses and phone numbers please

What's so special about phone numbers? They don't give any information about people.
You can call people and annoy them.

I think that's cool that you can speak 4 languages, by the way. I only really speak English, I have learned basic German and am planning to learn [to read] Latin as well.
I only really speak English

Don't you need to learn other languages in school?

I had four choices, and I had to choose two:
1st foreign language: English or French. Of course I chose English.
2nd foreign language: Russian or German. I chose Russian.

Lithuanian is my mother-tongue language (and learning its rules of accentuation is a suicide, btw)
And I know Polish because where I live there are some people who speak Polish.
Yes, we had to learn other languages, but I didn't learn them very well. I could have a very, very basic conversation in German, but French... I didn't learn it very much at all. I hated my teacher and refused to work.

We had to learn French for the first-third years, and German for the second and third. We were then given a choice of subjects (we didn't have to take a language) and I chose German.
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Name, Gender, Date of birth, Country of birth, Country of residence :
Philosophical/Religious beliefs (aren't these two ways to call the same thing?): determinist I guess
Hobbies, Interests, Skills: programing, murdering time.

I can tell you but you won't pronounce it correctly anyway
Nejaugi? Apskritai, nebent ten yra J ar R turbut butu galima pakankamai neblogai užrašyti tarimą..
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