Love Snake

I'm sending this to a girl ->

(If you get a "The file link that you requested is not valid." error, refresh or try again later)

What do you think? What else should I add?

PS: I don't want comments on the code. It's a mess, I know.


-> animated background
-> music ( )
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I think that you should rethink the name "Love Snake", assuming you are a guy, it just brings up primary imagery that you may not have intended.
Oh shit... You're right... I totally missed that... Thanks...
I'm with Computergeek on this one, I was quite worried when I saw the topic title, yet intrigued.

EDIT - I just played'd better be about to propose to this girl or something otherwise this is sickeningly soppy =P
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Hahahahaha xD
Do your self a favor though, if she is into you because you're the awkward geeky type, then catalog and keep track of stuff like this. Then a few months from now when you're comfortably into the relationship these kinds of stories always make girls like that laugh.
Yeah, thanks for the advice.
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