What's Your Programming Jam?

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Simple enough, what kind of music do you like to listen to while you program. For me it's a mixture of Weather Report, Miles Davis, Apocalyptica and The Glitch Mob.
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and Bankai:

Side note:
Bankai releases all of his music under a creative common license, all of the wav files, psd files for the album art, and pretty much everything else used to make the album are completely free, as in beer AND freedom. Seriously, check out his website:


I know people listen to music while they do things. I never understood why. Can you concentrate on two things at the same time? I sure can't. Thus I conclude that you either write trivial code, listen to trivial music or you listen to fairly complex music, but don't give it any thought. Seem like a waste..
For some the background noise helps them concentrate on what they are working on. Others feel that certain genres of music stimulates their brain (classical being the most common genre)

Personally I simply can't get any serious coding done without some good vocal trance/dubstep/house/electronica/trip hop/various other geek tunes in the background.
Anything that I'm into at the particular moment, really. I also can't study without music :)
Lol. I'm listing to All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix on pandora.com while posting this.
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To some, music is the fuel for learning. Of course, my genre of music is far from calming, and yet, I still code without mistakes. As long as I've got my flowcharts, I can't go wrong.

Lol. I'm listing to All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix on pandora.com while posting this.


I typically listen to Queen or The Beatles. Somtimes when I'm really feeling like a punk I listen to The Rolling Stones, Ac Dc, and Aerosmith.
king214 wrote:
The Rolling Stones, Ac Dc, and Aerosmith

None of those are punk bands...

As for me, Megadeth is my favourite band by a wide margin at the moment.
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They may not be punk bands, but it makes me feel like a punk.
My jam with programming is that I get distracted too easily.

EDIT: Oh, you meant music...well, uh, I don't listen to music because I get distracted too easily.

                                                                                                        Yeah, I said that I get distracted too easily twice...
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As for me, Megadeth is my favourite band by a wide margin at the moment.

Megadeth have been my favourite band for years, I urge everyone who reads this to listen to them.
I usually don't listen to music...but I do believe that there's some truth in this...

Absolutley! I personally peak around .1 or .12 (I had one of those pocket breathalysers for a while). Although I can't always understand why I did things a certain way, it always seems to work.

EDIT: By the way, no I don't remember anything called Windows ME, nothing like that has ever existed plugs ears LALALALALALA!
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I'll have to pick one of those up and do a slightly scientific test on myself.

I can vouch for the sharp decline after the peak. I woke up the next morning in a daze, stumbled over to the work station and found that I had overridden java.lang.Exception roughly about a dozen times. Needless to say, the MSVC compiler said that left of '.lang' required a class and/or unqualified ID before the '.' token.*

* this event has been slightly exaggerated for effect.
Bands like Gamma Ray, Helloween, Tyr, Sabaton, and even some Alestorm on occation. Which is basically mostly power metal.
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There's a new Alestorm album that just came out a few weeks ago, you should check it out if you haven't already. It's really really good.
Music distracts me but I often will pop in a DVD/Blu-Ray of Futurama and either play with or without commentary. I like listening to the commentary when I program because I find it like a double dose of brain stimulation.

Nothing like hearing David X. Cohen explain how Bender's serial number is the sum of two cubes while Billy West just makes weird noises.
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Cancer Bats or Slipknot mainly, no music when i am doing something complicated though
Video Game soundtracks like final fantasy 7, Super Mario Galaxy, Megaman, Rockman. Simple background music that's calming.

Also a lot of hip hop.... Extremely underground... none of that mainstream bs. Like Mixtapes etc.
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