Java hashtables/java in general?

Please dont hate from the title haha.

I know this is a C++ forum, but I'm comfortable with this forum I thought I would ask here rather than creating a random account for a java/general prog lang forum.

I primarily work with C++ and never done Java - was just wondering if, when creating hash tables, can one only do it by including java.util or can it be done 'manually' so to speak? Additionally, are there any recommended tutorials for beginners in Java? I've heard that its easier to transition from C++ to Java but any recs for the tutorials would be much appreciated.


Edit: Oh my goodness no, this is not an april fools joke or anything. Talk about bad timing eh.
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You can write import java.util.Hashmap; //or * and use HashMap<Foo, Bar> myHashMap; or skip the import and use java.util.HashMap<Foo, Bar> myHashMap;. Was that what you meant by 'manual' ?
I'll assume by "manual" you mean write your own hashmap, if this is the case I am fairly sure you can, but why would you?
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Yep, that's what I meant. Sorry for phrasing it so badly, but thanks for answering the question (to the both of you)! :)
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