Liberated Pixel Cup

I know by now this is old news, but for the hand full of you who haven't been to their favorite news sites in a while:

Personally I can't wait to see the art assets that come out of this. I can't stand drawing and with vacation season coming up I won't have the money to commission anyone to draw for me. There is also of course tons to be learned from the code posted in the second half of the challenge. What are your guys thoughts?
I like to draw but I suck at it, so I guess I won't be entering :P

Other than that it sounds pretty cool, it'll be interesting to see what comes out of it.
The second part of the contest is what would interest most of us. That is to take the entries from the first part, no matter who drew them, and make a game out of them.
Oh, that's different. I thought we had to take part in both parts, making a game from our own entries. So really, it's like two competitions.

Maybe I will enter after all.
I think that sort of contest is great. I'm sure many nice things will come from it.
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