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How can I download part of this website.

This website is one of the most complete c++ reference I have seen on the web. However, I often do not access to the internet. So when I was programming a game I am making, I needed to lookup to how to use some of the standard templetes, however I had no access to the Internet and was unable to work on that piece at that time.

Is there anyway, I can download JUST the reference maternal within the site, I tried using wgets and set it to only get stuff from the reference section, but it went wary and keep on trying to download the whole site. (I don't got that much, so I had to stop the download)

Any ideas?
There's an alternative site: http://en.cppreference.com/w/
Which has a downloads section: http://en.cppreference.com/w/Cppreference:Archives
I looked at the one already, and got the devhelp verison of it.

However, that problem of that one is that it lacks any kind of examples, plus there are several functions that this website has, then that one does not.
If you want to try wget again:
wget -rpk -np http://cplusplus.com/reference/ -P DirectoryToSaveIn/

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