Searching members for a C++ team

Hey readers,
My friend and I are trying to get a team of C++'ers together.
So we are searching a lot of members to come to our team.
You just have to know a bit of C++, have to respect the other members and you need skype with a mic (or even webcam to make it more fun when needed).

The ages can go from 13-25(we are 16 ourself),
also you need to speak english a bit.

You wanna be part of our team?
Call me on skype: stevehatedwerg

we are still searching for a good name for our team, so advice is free
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A team for what?
Just helping eachother out when stucked.
Making some C++ projects together, give eachother ideas to do something, help someone out when he has a bug or error in his source code, learn eachother new things...

Just random giveing and getting help with it
And don't forget to make fun when doing all of this!
This can all be accomplished by just posting on the forums. I'd recommend a team that actually works on a project.
We are working to improve our keylogger, it's done, but we would like to add a mail function in it.
So when it's installed at another pc, it mails the LOG.txt file to us like every hour or something, heard about doing it with FTP,POP, but don't know more about the source code i should need.

skype: stevehatedwerg
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I wouldn't expect many replies. I predict a maximum of 1 reply from the bloke who believes himself an outlaw because he uses double underscores in his variable identifiers.

SFML has some networking classes in it. I haven't messed with any of it, but everything in SFML is pretty simple.

As for protocols, you could do it a few ways. Could set up an FTP server to handle the files, or you could send it via POP to your email. Or you could also set up an FTP as a middle man.

I hope the keylogger is just an educational project, and not malicious :)
Thx for your help, I will do some research about sfml
And it's not a bad keylogger, it's just a challenge/joke because the cousin of my friend said we couldn't get his password again
So we gonna get his pass, but don't use it just tell him as a joke
Sorry, I had it backwards. You want to use SMTP. POP is used for retrieving mail, SMTP for sending.

This is why I don't like networking. It's just riddled with thousands of various protocols for similar, if not identical, tasks. And of course they all have to be acronyms.
You seems pretty expert with these things, are you?
So I would like you to add me at skype, just in case of me stucked again in another project ;)
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I am by no means a expert lol. I just work as a student worker under the network admin at my university, so I've become accustomed to a lot of these acronyms, and how they work at an IT level.

I can't tell you much about how to implement them in a program, though. None of my programming involves networks. Though I've messed with sockets a bit.
And it's not a bad keylogger, it's just a challenge/joke because the cousin of my friend said we couldn't get his password again

How about torture? Less effort, more fun!
lol, he's a friend not my worst enemy ever!
Let's cut this crap. I do not believe that you would go through the effort of building a custom keylogger so that you can only use it "on a friend", "as a challenge/joke". It's also suspicious that you delayed mentioning your "team goal" until the last possible moment.

What other projects are you working on. besides the "it's not a bad" keylogger?
I'm curious about what you hope to build on your team that isn't already established here? Are you afraid that, as Catfish2 hinted at, we wouldn't respond to requests for potentially malicious code? Because that isn't necessarily the case. I remember not even two weeks ago a user asking about how to get into Hacking and that thread went on for at least three pages with most of it being relevant discussion. We won't hand you code upon request of course, but that's just us, it's part of the culture on this site. We won't do it for homework, why would we do it for you?

I can't speak for everybody here of course but personally I have the attention span of a gold fish. I love this site because I can help someone do wonderful and productive things with what I know, but if I lose interest I can just leave the thread and by then two or sometimes three other people have jumped on to help the OP. But the idea of joining a team to accomplish something that would take me about six hours fills me with thoughts of harassing email floods and constant Skype requests and all in all sounds just like my personal version of hell.
Other projects running now are songs with the beep function, like that we allready made mario, mario bros and tetris song
and we programmed some simple games like tic tac toe
all just for fun
I might be interested, on my tablet right now but I'll add you to skype later
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