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Does anyone around here know how you can remove a user's password in Windows 7 (or the entire user) if you don't have access to that user's account or the admin account? I work at an Ebay company and some people have the minds to sell us computers without removing their passwords, which makes them unusable. I managed to crack a few by booting another OS and brute forcing the hashes in "C:/Windows/System32/config", but I wasn't able to get the passwords on every machine with the tables I had. Besides getting a clean install of Windows 7 (which I'll probably end up having to do anyways, if we can get a hold of some install disks), is there anyway to remove the user's password or the entire user? I tried deleting the the user's folder in "C:/Users/$NAME$" as well as some things in "C:/Windows/System32/config", but to no avail. Any ideas are appreciated.
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I suppose you could say that any idiot who sells his computer without first wiping his hard drive is in for a lot of hurt.

But more than that, why should you expect to access his data? Are you looking to restore an OEM OS install?
Thanks for the webpage helios. That's all the stuff I previously tried though.

Duoas, I don't really expect to access their data, only to get into Windows so the computer can actually be used. Whatever they kept on there I would remove anyways. I guess we'll just have to wait until we can get some install disks to reset the ones I couldn't crack.
It's easier to just jump in a Ubuntu live CD (or really and distro you prefer) and pass windows immediately. Then you can get all the data with the notable exception of encrypted ones.

Then just migrate to a new account and done.
@sfBlackFox: What do you mean by "migrate to a new account"? Are you talking about changing Windows data from another OS?
If you don't care about the actual data, why not just format and reinstall?
Sorry no, I didn't read the thread all the way down. I hadn't realized that you did not have windows to install in the first place, so obviously you can't migrate to a new account (cause it requires a fresh install)

If all ethics are left aside, cause you really shouldn't, is that a lot of people like to save their passwords in a browser. In most cases these passwords do not differ from the machine login.
Some 6 years ago I used to have Windows MiniPE, which was a "light" version of Windows XP that was loaded with a bunch of utilities. One in particular allowed you to reset the Admin password and even create users and such. If you can get a copy of Windows MiniPE, you could attempt to crack the Windows 7 installation.

I must tell you, though, that you do this at your own risk. I used it twice: Once in XP and once in Windows Server 2003. It worked both times.
Windows XP and Windows 7 are too different, so it probably won't work. Try ophcrack:

You can use the free tables or buy the paid ones which I imagine are more extensive (if you are so inclined, you may also be able to find them for free on "the privateer cove").
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I work at an X company ...
If you're doing this for a company, you should realise that the Windows license is not transferable. This means in practice that when a Windows computer is sold, it should be relicenced.

Yet another reason to use keep using Windows.
@ModShop: try "Offline NT password & registry editor"
Sorry for the late reply guys. I was on a 2 week backpacking trip in the mountains of New Mexico. Thanks for all the ideas, I'll get this fixed for sure.
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