Cplusplus version 2?


it looks worse, actually, was it an older version?
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good to know, glad I wasn't around to stare at its uglyness.
That was how it looked before. I still think some of the buttons look a bit weird now, but whatever.
they do look a bit strange, old, a bit faded, but very 'classical', and good enough, easy on the eyes, etc.
Oh wow, it's so bright.
Funny, I thought the new version was terrible when it came out, now the old version looks much worse.

(Well things were shifted to the middle when new version first came out, so that didn't help :P)
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Middle shift? yeah that would annoy me too, but this also has a bunch of white space to the right, so I'm not sure what would be worse, I try to ignore it/window the browser
I liked the new skin before it was cool to like it.
It feels inspired by VS2010.
You're right, it does. Personally, I liked the silverish look of 9.0 a lot better.
a quote button would be nice though
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