i have been scripting c++ for 2 years now. i have just moved on to scripting into allegro. i have made a character move up down left and right but i had to get all the images off the internet. i do not want any one i do not know making them like some random person from the internet and the people i have tried that i knew were artistic failed. so i need to know is there any way or any programs that can help me create sprites like rpg players and tile sheets. when i start putting my games online i wont be able to use sprites ripped from other games anymore because of copy writing. ive just used those for now for practice to get the hang of graphics. but now i need my own so i dont know what to do
If you want to use other people's images without having to worry about copyright, look at sites like

Other than that, if you want to draw them yourself, look for pixel art software and tutorials on Google. I don't know any, but you can definitely find some easily by searching on Google. Although some people consider it woefully insufficient, you can start with MS Paint.
If you want to do the work yourself, a very good option is to use a 3D package. It will save you loads of time and the result will probably look better.

oppositescopez wrote:
i have made a character move up down left and right

Take ^this^ for example. I did something similar here -> [1]. If I did this by hand, I would need to draw 8 (directions) * 15 (animation frames) = 120 images. Then, if I decided that the character should have bigger hands and smaller head, I'd have to modify every single one of these images. Instead, I modeled and animated my character in Blender [2], and then rendered the result to pngs that I use in the game. The whole process took less than 2 days, and now it's extremely easy and fast to make modifications like adding more directions or more animation frames or making the character a bit taller/shorter etc... I just have to adjust the model accordingly and rerender it to pngs.

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There are many sites out there that offer free sprites for your games. You could also get really any editing software and make your own.

Btw, C++ is not a scripting language. Surely after two years you would have figured that out.
i teach myself.. so there are some things i miss " C++ is not a scripting language" but now i know. thanks
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