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Im pretty good at math but what math shoul i learn for game programming?

I've been teaching myself c++ for several months and later on will move to broader topics such as APIs and libraries like OpenGL and DirectX because I want to become a game programmer or designer someday and because I don't have c++ classes at school. I've heard many people say that I have to learn some fields of math but I don't know what field/s do I really need to learn. In my college, I have a discrete mathematics class but I'm not sure if it's a gold in game development. I'm pretty good at math so I suppose I will not be having so much stress learning it so if you guys know what math should i learn and in what they are used for and why they're useful then please tell me.

Also, if you could recommend some good books then I would highly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!
Not sure about books but for subjects...

- Trigonometry
- Vectors
- Matrices
- Coordinate Geometry
- Differentiation
- Newtonian Mechanics
- Simultaneous Equations

It'd be good to be comfortable with working in radians, using both Cartesian and Polar coordinate systems and solving second order differential equations.
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