To do kernel debugging in windows, it is recommended that you have 2 computers - one to be the host, the other the target system. Rather than physically connect two computers, I was thinking of running the target os as the guest in a virtual machine.

After a quick look-see on the web, I came across VMware, but was quickly put off by the pricetag (~$280US), so I started looking at open source alternatives. VirtualBox seems like a good, stable option, but I thought I'd ask around for other opinions.

Has anyone here used any VM software, either the two I listed above, or something else?
I used Virtual Box for my OS project, but it kept bombing out. idk it could have been my poorly designed code that did that. Otherwise it was smooth sailing.
There's VMware Server, which is generally slower, but free.
VMware Player is also free.
Hooray for replies!
I will definitely check out those free products from VMware before deciding; to be honest, as soon as I saw the pricetag for workstation, I left that page. As long as I can create new serial ports in the VM, I'm good.

I use VMWare player for all my VMs. Just download an iso for whatever you want, and have VMWare run it.
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