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What did CPlusPlus do to upset this StackOverflow user?

I just saw this little convo on there:
what i am asking is above reference of IBM is good or not , it goes with c++98 standard or not? – Mr.Anubis Jul 25 '11 at 11:57

Downvoted for links to cplusplus.com – unkulunkulu Jul 25 '11 at 12:22

@unkulunkulu Ressurrecting this thread to ask you this:
Why the downvote? I frequently use the cplusplus.com as reference, and I don't see the problem using it.
Actually, I'm having a hard time finding a alternative, now that their website is down. – pedromanoel Jul 31 at 19:37

@pedromanoel, I must admit that my downvote was influenced by the reputation of this
site among SO users and my friends (lol), so maybe this is a good idea to ask this question
again with emphasis on downsides of the mentioned sources (cplusplus.com in particular). – unkulunkulu Aug 4 at 13:05
Can you link to the thread?
Edit: Nevermind, found it http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6815561/good-reference-for-c-iostreams/6816063
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