What language doe the market need?

If I wanted to make a programming language, what type should I make, so that it will be more likely to be used?
By type I mean: dynamic/static, lower/ higher level, OOP/Functional, C syntax/ Lisp syntax, ect.
The most popular languages nowadays (Java, PHP, C++, C#, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Ruby, Python, etc.) seem to be high level languages that support OOP to some degree and have either C like or Python/VB like syntax. There's a mix of dynamic and statically typed-ness.

With that said, if you want your language to be the next big thing you shouldn't just copy what all of the languages I mentioned above offer, invent something new! Come up with your own paradigm and syntax style that's better than what's offered now. I know it's easier said than done, but that's what it takes.
If you want a real challenge look at Literate programming.

@Grey Wolf It looks interesting. I'll look into it, thanks

@ascii Thank you for the suggestion, but how would I know what programmers everywhere want/need?
but how would I know what programmers everywhere want/need?

Look at the applications that programmers everywhere are working on. Look at what goes into making them, then look at the grievance that the programmers have with the tools that are used to make those applications. Now make a language that takes what they like from their tools, and fixes enough of those grievances in an eloquent enough a way that people will want to switch to your language.

Well what are problems you guys experience?
Well, I'm student going into research, so I'm not anywhere close to a good source for you :P
Depends on the field. I currently work in IT as I finish my degree, and the programming we do is mostly scripting (little bit of python, shell scripts, and dabbled in expect for a little experiment). But I also work underneath the network admin here, so the programming is pretty minimal.

Place I may internship at next summer work primarily with Java. That place is an actual software development firm.
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Well what are problems you guys experience?

Everyone's problems are different. In my last place I faced constantly changing business rules, new and surprising hardware, hard realtime requirements for the critical paths through our software, ever-growing reporting and auditing requirements, full responsibility for any damage or loss caused by our products. This was solved with carefully-designed C++ core and a proprietary domain-specific language for business.

I would say a DSL is most "likely to be used" - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Language-oriented_programming
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Development of a useful and successful computer language is almost always done as part of some other task.

For example, C was created to invent Unix at AT&T.
Pascal was created to teach programming at ETH Zürich.
C++ was created to help with distributed operating system management at AT&T.
PHP was created so Lerdorf could track visits to his online résumé.
Tcl was designed to help create integrated chip designs.

Hope this helps.
@Duoas so you think i need to identify a problem and solve it with my lang?
@Cubbi Is it what Domain would you recommend I go into?
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