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How long do you think it took to input all the data into the kbb website for every car, and all the options for each car on the website?

I wonder how much money it cost to build the website:)
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And this is related to C++, how?
It could be...
A website can cost next to nothing to millions of dollars. Most of the $ spent on those expensive websites is spent on extensive research to determine how to present their information and how users access their information to maximize viewership. It's also an ongoing yearly expense. KBB probably falls into that category...
I just read KBB was a car dealership that opened in the 1920's, and the owner made a book full of thousands of car values that he used as a reference. Someone published that information online, thus we have kbb.com. ZOMG
And this is related to C++, how?

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Ooh didn't know that
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