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Spanish (Traditional) Keyboard Support woes

I am currently using my son's PC, Windows 7 Home Premium.

Now I want to play around with internationalization for the FAQ, but after I activated the Spanish (Spain, Traditional Sort) Keyboard Layout I see è and û (not Spanish) instead of é and ü (Spanish). The same symptoms occur for other Spanish keyboard layouts. (I just like the traditional layout.)

I thought I would ask here before I ask on one of the (mostly useless) Windows forums... especially since many of the members here are latino and might be able to help.

What gives? How do I get my Spanish keyboard layouts to give me proper Spanish diacriticals? (The last time I played with this was on my old XP system, which worked perfectly.)

There's two main types of Spanish layouts: the Spanish variety, which you now have configured in software, and the Latin American variety, which is what the labels on your physical keyboard read.

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Holy crap! I see it now! Thanks!

Why does the Spanish variety have those grave accents? Locality to European languages?

I've switched to the Latin American version, which is what I wanted (and thought I had).

¡Muchísimas gracias!
The Latin American layout also has ^ and `, just in different positions and you have to hit Alt to use them. Only thing it doesn't have are the Euro sign, Ç, and superscript a.
I'm guessing they're there for the benefit of multilingual users.

Personally, I don't care much for having ^ as a dead key, so I made my own layout. It also has other niceties like Alt+0 for ≠, Alt+E for ∃, and a few other things.
Hmm, well, I won't need the euro sign or to write ancient Spanish.

Thanks for the link!
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