Chrome bug or my graphics card?

For a long time now in Chrome I've noticed that, especially with content-heavy pages, if I go to a tab it might have the display from one of the other tabs I had open. Clicking back and forth on the tabs a few times generally fixes it, but it does unnerve me. Has anyone else experienced this in Chrome or is my graphics card failing?
It would seem to be Chrome... Provided everything else renders normally. If your graphics card was failing, I'm sure there would be issues everywhere, not just Chrome, and that scrolling a webpage wouldn't fix it ;)
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I've had chrome render nothing in window before, it might a combination of things. Could always try using a different browser for a bit, or reinstalling. I know I've had some issues with chrome, it's terrible on school computers.
xerzi wrote:
it's terrible on school computers.

Yeah, that's b'cause chrome uses a lot of memory, and most school computers are not "chipped" with adequate memory for chrome to run to your taste.

Also I sometimes have the same problem as LB. And I think it kind of "clears" the content-heavy page, to save memory.
ModShop wrote:
If your graphics card was failing, [...] scrolling a webpage wouldn't fix it
Scrolling doesn't fix it. The actual page scrolls but there is no visible change until I click between tabs.
That's definitely an issue with Chrome, then.
@L B: Misread, my bad. Still, switching between tabs is still a Chrome issue, and is completely isolated from your graphics card.
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